Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn Child

“A nation which murders its own children is a nation without a future.”

– John Paul II to the Polish nation, 1996


Spiritual AdoptionWhat is Spiritual Adoption?

• It is a prayer for the child in the womb who is threatened by abortion.

• It is a prayer of healing for those suffering because of abortion.

• It is a prayer of consolation for those sorrowing because of a miscarriage.

• It is a movement of life and fruitfulness inspired by the Holy Spirit.

What do we pray?

The Spiritual Adoption lasts for nine months. Anyone can start at any time.
The prayer consists of saying:

1. One decade of the Rosary each day for nine months.
You can choose a different mystery each day or say the same one every day.

2. Daily prayer for your adopted child:

My Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of Your Blessed Mother Mary, who

gave birth to you out of love, and through the intercession of St. Joseph, the man of

faith who cared for You after Your birth, I turn to You on behalf of this conceived child

who has been spiritually adopted by me and who is threatened by abortion. Please

give to his parents the love and courage to allow their child to remain in the womb and

have life, the life that You have given him. Amen.

How do I start the Spiritual Adoption?

It is recommended that the Spiritual Adoption begin with a formal oath in the presence

of God. If the oath is said by the priest, the congregation repeats the words after him.

The oath may be taken in church in front of the Blessed Sacrament or at home. It should

be made with a firm commitment to carry it out.

What could our personal undertaking be?

We could undertake to go to frequent confession, to glorify God by being present

during exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, to read the Bible daily, to fast, to fight our

own addictions, to help the needy, to be charitable, to give alms, or to say a special

prayer such as a litany, novena or chaplet. It is good to choose something that we know

we have a good chance of carrying out.

Is it permissible to take on the Spiritual Adoption without adding a personal


Yes. Additional undertakings are not obligatory.

What are the fruits of the Spiritual Adoption?

Our heartfelt prayer can both heal the deep wounds caused by the sin of abortion and

console those who have lost children through miscarriage or other traumas. Through the

prayers of the faithful, God is able to bestow faith in His Mercy on the mothers of the

unborn and give them peace of heart.

The act of Spiritual Adoption is a personal gift of prayer, love and sacrifice. Through our

participation in it, we benefit ourselves as well. We begin to fight against our own

egoism, we begin to feel more love, more joy in parenthood, and we begin to see the act

of sex with God’s eyes, that is, in context of the love and self-giving. We begin to

meditate on the purpose of asceticism. Spiritual Adoption will lead us to a rebirth of our

own prayer life and our love within our family.

Some have reported that women wishing to conceive a child have become pregnant

after taking on the Spiritual Adoption.

prayer for unbornOath of Spiritual Adoption

“I glorify You, Father Almighty, Lord of heaven and earth, for You have hidden

things from the mighty and clever, but have revealed them to the merest children.

Yes, Father, this was Your gracious will.

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and all you Angels and Saints, led by a

desire to help children in the womb who are in danger of abortion,
I________________________ undertake by oath on this day, ___________ to

spiritually adopt one child, a child whose name is known only to God. I promise to

pray for this child every day for nine months, to intercede in his behalf that his life

may be spared and to obtain for him God’s grace to live a just and holy life.

Everyday of these nine months I will say:

• One decade of the Rosary for this child

• The special daily prayer

• My own personal undertaking…

I praise You, Father, and I glorify the Holy Trinity, and I thank you for having heard my prayer. Amen”

Who can spiritually adopt?

Everyone. We are all called to respond to the needs of others, to the needs of the

communities we live in. We invite both consecrated religious and lay people, women and

men of all ages to undertake this work of mercy. Children also may adopt, however, they

should be encouraged and actively supervised by their parents.

How often may I adopt?

We may adopt many times.

Do I need to begin each adoption with an oath?


May I adopt more than one child at a time?

No. We adopt only one child for each nine month period.

Do we know what nationality the child will be?

No. The child is known only to God, as is his/her name.

How can I best start my spiritual adoption?

It is recommended that the undertaking prayer be said in front of a crucifix or holy

picture. Make a note in your diary of the nine-month period covered by your


Do I have to take my oath of adoption in church?

It is preferable to mark the beginning of the Spiritual Adoption with a special ceremony

and the participation of a priest, but it can equally be made in private.

Am I sinning if I forget to pray?

Forgetting to pray is not a sin, but it is sinful to willfully and consciously neglect to fulfill

a commitment made to God under oath.

Is the Spiritual Adoption broken if prayers are missed for a prolonged period?

Omitting prayers for a prolonged period (a month or two) breaks the Spiritual Adoption.

In this case, it is recommended that the promise be renewed with a firm commitment to

keep it. If there has been a short break in prayer the Spiritual Adoption may be

continued, but the nine month period should be extended to cover the days missed.

 How can I be sure God will listen to my prayer?

Our faith is based on God Almighty and on His Divine Mercy. God is the Giver of Life,

and it is His will for each child to have life and to receive the love of his/her parents.

 How did the Spiritual Adoption movement begin?

This movement started in the wake of the Fatima apparitions. It is a response to our

heavenly Mother’s plea that we pray the Rosary and make reparation for the sins which

wound her Immaculate Heart. This movement reached Poland in 1987, and the first

center propagating the Spiritual Adoption was started by the Pauline Fathers in Warsaw.

From there, the movement has spread beyond the borders of Poland and Eastern


 Spiritual Adoption Center in Poland

Centralny Osrodek Krzewienia Duchowej Adopcji

Jasna Gora


Tel: (048-34) 65-66-88


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